Agency Inventory Guidelines

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Agency Inventory Guidelines

Post  ReapersRecoil on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:49 pm

As everyone can see there are a lot of items in the agency. Everything deposited in the Agency inventory is for the agents. With that said you can only get items if you need them for one of your toons. Don’t request items to sell or auction that is not their intent. If anyone needs anything and you are unable to withdraw it yourself contact one of the Officers or Leaders and they will be more than happy to take it for you and mail it to you. As for the agency bank all of those credits are for Agency Vs Agency so individuals don’t have to pay the bids for the hexes and people don’t have to out of pocket facilities. Credits may be deposited at your own risk but once deposited the only way they come out is AvA. There has been one withdrawal in the past because a member left the agency but that will no longer happen. Now if anyone needs something in particular let the agency know and maybe someone can drop it in the inventory or mail it to you (i.e. Mods, Components, consumables).

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