Foxxuh! Man's bestest fwiend. :3

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Foxxuh! Man's bestest fwiend. :3

Post  Foxxuh on Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:53 pm

I know i already put a little thing in the thingy.. but! I r Foxxuh, Not a girl >_>.... Don't sound like one D:, but um.. I'm 15 so.. no job I'm a youngster. Thing's about me... I literally have nothing to do besides play computer, on it all day .. I'm in online school.. I'm gay O-o.. Umm..Frost i <3 you and everyone call him "Cutezy Wutezy Panda" or any variation of that or i'll find you and probably run from you o.O... Oh and btw... Frost IM BETTER AT MEDIC THEN YOU <3!!!! Very Happy!!!!! Shocked

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