Heyo =D ....................

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Heyo =D ....................

Post  iAtrix on Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:48 am

Names Atrix, the 'i' is from an old legacy clan i was in way back in the COD4 days, -ICE-,(Ice Coffee Elite) but since then ive just gotten to the liking of the i...... so just call my Atrix (and its pronounced with the 'a' been like in 'at', not 'ate'. its not ate-rix, Atrix, hehe, i get so many Americans calling me ate-rix.)
anyway, im a fairly new player, as well as two other of my friends. (they both hav joined KAOS|DontPanic)
little about me i guess, im aussie, so my ping sucks crap, 250-300 most of the time. good days its 200, bad days is 320. but ive gotten use to the massive delay and hav no trouble placing 2-3 shots on targets to get kills.
im 17 and heading into year 12 so over the next year ill hav a hard time playing lots but at the moment im on holidays so i can play heaps =D

cheers for the friendly invite, i was feeling a little down hearted by the horrid dismissal by the DontPanic crew... haha those guys r so serious its funny. cant wait to start battling it out with u guys! see u in the dome =)


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