Bowbafett is in the House!

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Bowbafett is in the House!

Post  bowbafett on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:29 pm

hello I am a 26 year old in the Navy with a family. I love to play video games and good team work is hard to find. I named my character after the passion I've had for Bobafett and I hope to have alot of fun with you guys as an agency and maybe even friends. Thanks for letting me in.

I typically play from 8-12PM the strongest because I have the most concentrated time then. During the day I play but I'm not as focused because I take care of my family. I hope to make some great friends and maybe pass this on even into other games. I plan on moving on into The Old Republic when it "FINALLY" releases, but for now I play this and WoW.


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