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Post  Lannik on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:41 am

Hi I'm Lannik formerly of DontPanic. I was the guy who negotiated the once alliance between paradoxGMR,LostPirates,DontPanic, and ISR.

Unfortunately the leader of dontpanic had... well an ego that caused the alliance to fall apart. I left DontPanic even though I was second in command, because I didnt believe in what the then leader of dontpanic did to the alliance and its members.

During the Alliance I played with serveral members from both paradox and LostPirates who were great people. Troutzorz, MEAGAIN, SinisterFister and a few others who would likely vouch for me as well.

I'm looking to get back into Global Agenda and I can think of no other agency Id rather join... if you would have me. I eagerly await a response, Lannik (in game name Lannik as well).


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