Spikestars login in !

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Spikestars login in !

Post  Spike on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:03 am

its just a few words to say that Spikestars.. (me) finally decided to create an acount here...
some others to say thank for the help of leveling my two character so then im gona say thank for the play..you are a good agency always like to play with beast feyth buco and many others...
i know that majority of you guys are 2 or 3 hours below me in time so when its 12ham for me its like 10hpm for you... i hate that fact when i want to play AvA -_-'

by the way im gona be in vacantion in 2 days so ill be more online.. just hope that we will be playing AvA..

i still have difficulties with my microphone... is that normal that when im talking i can hear myself in my speaker ?

so that it ! have a nice day see ya on GA


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