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Post  Lord Vexlor on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:34 am

So I got into what I assumed to be the emergency defense strike-force last night...
It was pretty much my first time playing AvA since Threat, Friend, Fiend, and Pain were big names, so a lot was new and alien to me.
I was impressed by some of the tactics, and confused by others, but I do hope I could offer some constructive criticism.
I noticed a severe lack of call-outs and focus fire, two things that used to be considered absolutely vital.
The most in-depth strategy I heard called was 'bring out the tech', and apart from that it was mainly 'get on point', something I yell myself hoarse with in a merc match but never AvA.
The way it used to be, there would be a main point tank who would call out targets, and the rest of the team would all focus their fire on them. This could effectively drop a medic in under a second if done well.
Sometimes the recon would be the one calling out targets, as the point tank might have too much going on, or maybe even the roaming tank or the AOE assault. Even a pain medic if there was one, but at least somebody should be targeting.
Naturally the order of target is the same as in every other game: Medics>Assaults>Recons (If they become an issue), if robo's are present: Medics/Robob's>Assaults/Robo nests. (Tanks and medics should focus on medics and assaults while AOE and recons go for the robo stuff)

Also, don't underestimate a well executed strategy. Force the enemies to retreat from point with a nuke, then bottleneck them at the nearest doorway and blast 'em with vidicators till nothing's left but a singe on the floor. Games have been won at the last second because of good vindi use.

Anyways, I just thought I might add my input, I think it could result in an exponentially better AvA experience, though I understand I'm hardly in a place to say such things at the moment.

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