So here's the dillyo.

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So here's the dillyo.

Post  Aquasixio on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:35 am

Okay. So you guys haven't seen me on GA in a while and I know you're missing me desperately, what with my mad skillz and all Laughing BUT! I have an explanation for why I have been absent for such a long period of time.

First of all, I didn't realize that we got an entirely new forum location. I kept trying to log into my old account from the old forums and it said my account didn't exist so I was like "huh....I wonder wtf is up with this" and got annoyed and kinda left it at that. Yeah, I'm a moron. I didn't realize until literally 5 minutes ago that I needed to create a new account, but I did cheers Yay!

Now as to why I haven't been playing GA. I would totally have been playing during the day when I wasn't doing homework. But whenever I opened up the launcher I would click launch and nothing would happen. I couldn't figure out what was going on and it said "missing .dll file" or something stupid like that. Luckily, it got fixed and I am now able to play after months and months of GA deprivation. I still have my winter semester to go, but once spring and summer comes I can get back to AvA seeing as I'll only be taking, like, 1 or 2 classes instead of 3 or 4.

In short, I still won't be on much, but I'll be making a celebrity appearance here and there. I really miss you guys Crying or Very sad


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