Lost Pirate Agency Rank system

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Lost Pirate Agency Rank system

Post  ReapersRecoil on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:34 pm

To answer any questions on how our agency rank system here it goes from lowest to highest.

Probie- New recruits have no privileges and have yet to play or speak with agency leaders.

Pirates- The back bone of the agency. We are all pirates but this rank comes after a probie has played and spoken with one of the agency leaders to the point where we have an idea what your play style is and know a little about your personality. Pirates are full agency members and can recruit for the agency and request items from the inventory.

Officers- All of these members have demonstrated a particular dedication to the agency and for that have been given specific privileges and responsibilities.
Officers have full access to the inventory and every officer is expected to be able to aid agency members by removing items from the agency and mailing them where they need to go. Officers are expected to team up and take lead helping players get better at team work. Aside from that aspect there are officers who have other tasks such as Viscerality and managing this web site. All officers are extensions of the agency leaders so their conduct should display a friendly playing environment (Remember we are here to make each other better). With that said bashing or disrespecting anyone in the agency will not be tolerated and this goes up and down the ranks.

Captain- Buco is the Captain he is the co-creator of this agency and has same control as the agency leader.

Agency Leader- ReapersRecoil -creator of this agency and has same control as the Captain

With all of that Buco and ReapersRecoil are the Creators and Leaders of this agency if anyone has any problems, questions, complaints, or suggestions we are both very open to new ideas.

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